Preston and Others v. George W. Coons, Administrator of the Estate of Milton Duty, et al.
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& having been a brother-in-law, is upon
terms of intimacy with him. Witness
knows that a note for about nine
hundred dollars due sometime in
January 1838 by the said ReubenReuben
Gibson to MiltonMilton Duty in his life
time, has been taken up very recently by the Said
ReubenReuben Gibson & is now in his possess
ion, this note passed thro' several hands
before it was taken up finally by Gibson:
Joel & Anderson, who administered upon
the Estate of Duty in this County, tra
ded the note off to Isaac Roberts, Isaac
Roberts to Mr W. Tompkins, both of
the neighborhood of Warrenton & well
known to witness & Mr W. Tompkins
paned the same to Gibson in settle
ment between Gibson, Macy & Tomp
kins, Macy taking negroes in part pay
ment of the note & transfering the bal
ance say $200. to witness which wit
ness has arranged with Gibson.

Witness knows John HarrisJohn Harris , he is a neigh
bor of witness & witness thinks when Duty
left the State of MississippiMississippi, he sold
a horse to Harris; Harris is now &
has been for many years, in peace all
his life a perfectly solvent man,
witness is well acquainted with the
citizens of the county of WarrenWarren
having represented the county in the
Legislature of the State of Mississ
ippi here to fore, & having need offices

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of Trust in the county & witness knows,
of no other John HarrisJohn Harris in the county.
Witness was at the late election, elected
a member of the Legislature from this
county again & is therefore well acquain
ted with the people of the county:

Witness knew HenryHenry Fernandis in his
life time, well: He died witness thinks in
the year 1840, in the month of October
at the house of witness.
He was for a short
time before his death administrator of the
Estate of Duty & during that period collec
ted some money of James O. Harrison be
longing to the Estate of Duty, being a little
over $500.
Witness does not know of his
collecting any other sum.

Witness is of impression that Duty before
he left MississippiMississippi for the first time, sold
all his stock & farming utensils &, of what
value witness cannot state positively.

Witness knows few EvansEvans of this coun
ty, he is always has been a solvent