Preston and Others v. George W. Coons, Administrator of the Estate of Milton Duty, et al.
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of the actions and doings of said George WGeorge W Coons
CoonsGeorge W Coons , David CoonsDavid Coons , Galligher or any other
person or persons in relation to the papers of said Duty
at the time of the death of said Duty nor
at anytime before or since and this def
endant positively denies any knowledge whatever
of what was said or done by said CoonsCoons
or anyone else in relation to the papers
business or anything else connected
with said decedent either before, at the term
or since his death in the State of MissouriMissouri.
respondent has no knowledge of what has been done
in the State of MissouriMissouri in relation to the business
of said decedent except so far as his own clai
ms are concerned and all that he knows about
what has been done in the courts of MissouriMissouri in relation to
those has been denied from the information of
This defendant states that the men
tioned in said complainants bill for thirteen hundred
dollars was & still is just and herewith due to this
defendant that the sum specified in said bond is the just
amount due to this defendant on the sum and
the interest which has accrued since the allo
wance of the sum by said court of Probate
in St Louis County, aforesaid that said note
for ninety dollars was and is first honest
and in all respects correct and the amounts
therein specified and interest on the same
is justly due from said Estate to this defendant
This respondent further states that said decedent
MiltonMilton Duty had no property or effects in the
State of MississippiMississippi at the time of his death nor
has he since had in said last known state any

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property or effects of any kind whatever out
of which this defendant could have made
the amount or any part thereof due by said
MiltonMilton Duty Decd to this defendant, this
defendant states that he fully proved and established
his said demands against the Estate of said MiltonMilton
Duty before the court of Probate for St LouisSt Louis
county in the State of MissouriMissouri that the laws
were allowed as this respondent is informed
and verily believes according to law and
justice, and that no objection was to the knowledge
of this respondent made to the allowance of
the claims aforesaid.
This defendant
most positively denies any fund collusive
confederation or any dishonest conduct on
his part with any person or persons whom
soever with a view on the intention to defer
and inquire or in any manner whatever to
wrong said estate or these entrusted or
in any manner whatever connected these
This defendant here denies all fraud
and every charge of fund collusion and every
other charge in said complainants bill which
is not in strict accordance with justice
and right, so far as this defendant is concer
This defendant states that he has no
knowledge of the charges made against the
other defendants as he is an entire stranger
to the same and prays court that none
of said charges of fraud should be taken
against him.
This defendant, having fully
answered this defendant prays that said bill may be
and the dissolved so far as relates to this
respondent with reasonable damage acts.

Wohudson Solfur

RobtRobt Strong