Preston and Others v. George W. Coons, Administrator of the Estate of Milton Duty, et al.
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If the liabilities of the representatives of said Fer
nandis and of his sureties, on account of his said admin
istration, and if the liabilities of the present ad
ministrator were enforced there would be a nett
balance, as your oratrixes and orators are in
formed and believe, of four thousand dollars to
be transmitted to the State of MissouriMissouri to be
applied to the liquidation of the liabilities of
said Milton Duty's Estate in MissouriMissouri, and
to the payment of legacies.
But the said GeorgeGeorge W Coons
W CoonsGeorge W Coons has used no diligence and has taken
no step to enforce such liabilities, or to have
said fund transmitted to said State of Missou
Said MississippiMississippi administrations are
ancillary to the administration by the said
Geroge W, which is the principal administra
There is no statutory provision in force in
the State of MississippiMississippi, relative to the relation
between ancillary and principal administra
tions, or relative to the rights of legatees &
distributees where the administration is
ancillary, but such relations and rights
are controlled in the State of MississippiMississippi
by those rules and principles of the
common law and the law of Nations
which apply in the United StatesUnited States generally
in the absence of special statutory pro

Two of your orators, HarryHarry and Henderson,
have arrived at the age of twenty one years
since the filing of said in original bill; and
one of your orators in this supplemental bill, JamesJames ,
has since that time been born.

The claim of John & WilliamWilliam Henderson

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against said George W CoonsGeorge W Coons administrator
of said MiltonMilton Duty established as set further in
the answers and exhibits of said George WGeorge W are
fraudulent and unjust.

The claim established against said estate
as set further in said answers in favor of
the President and Directors of the Planter's
Bank of MississippiBank of Mississippi is really the property
of said John and WilliamWilliam Henderson, and
is utterly unjust and fraudulent.
wood Boyette who has established a claim
against estate amounting to four hun
dred and fourty one 32/100 dollars is one of the secu
rities of the said H Fernandis for the faithful
discharge of his duties as administrator in
MississippiMississippi as above mentioned; and your orat
ors and oratrixes claim that said Boyette should
receive nothing on account of his said claim
until the liabilities of said Fernandis as ad
ministrator as aforesaid shall have been dis
Said George WGeorge W has not accounted
for all the hire of your orators and oratrixes
since he has been hiring them out; and he
has failed to keep them regularly hired out,
or to use the requisite degree of diligence to keep
them constantly employed.
Said George WGeorge W is
in reality the owner of the claims which have been
established against said estate in favour
of James WaltonJames Walton , SamuelSamuel Fernandez,
Jn W Swing, JL Croft, Elkanah English,
David GentryDavid Gentry and James AdamsJames Adams as set forth
in said defendants answers, and likewise
owns many others of the claims which have
been established against said estate, and