Preston and Others v. George W. Coons, Administrator of the Estate of Milton Duty, et al.
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which your orators and oratrixes are unable
specially to designate, and all of which the
said George WGeorge W bought at a large discount.
Said George WGeorge W has not accounted for the
hires of your orators and oratrixes for the periods
of time which intervened between the 23th day of august AD 1841, & the 15th day of JanuaryAD 1842, and between the 15th day of July AD 1843, and the 14th day of July AD 1844. Said
George WGeorge W drew from the custody of LA Ben
oist & Co bankers a considerable sum of money
to writ the sum of dollars, which was the
individual property of your orator JesseJesse ; and
took possession of and disposed of a horse and dray also
the individual property of said JesseJesse , and which
money, dray, and horse had been acquired by
said JesseJesse with the knowledge and by the consent
of said MiltonMilton Duty your orators charge
that said George W CoonsGeorge W Coons colluded with RobertRobert
Strong and Heywood and Boyette, and thus enabled
them fraudulently to establish their claims
against said estate. Said George WGeorge W has
made no effort whatever to collect from
said administrators in MississippiMississippi, nor
from their securities, inform any
one of them, any amount for
which they are liable on account of
such administrations, or either of them-
all the debts against the estate of said mil
ton Duty belonging to the Classes prior to the
sixth have been paid, the debts of 6th class
amount to thirty six hundred & thirty one 73 3/4/100,
dollars, on which the administrator has been
directed by an order of the probate court of
St LouisSt Louis county to pay thirty one cents on the

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dollar, which would leave unpaid of debts in that
class only the sum of twenty five hundred & five
90/100 dollars. the debts of the 7th class amount
only to the sum of nineteen hundred and eighty
six 47/100 dollars, making the whole amount
remaining unpaid only the sum of forty four
hundred & ninety two 37/100 dollars, to satis
fy which the assets with hands of the said
George WGeorge W , exclusive of complaints, are more than sufficient. Wherefore, in
consideration of the premises your orators
and oratrixes pray that the said George W CoonsGeorge W Coons
RobertRobert Strong, and Haywood Boyette be made par
ties defendants to this supplemental bill, and be required
to answer the same on their several and expec
tive corporal raths to the best and utmost of their
several and respective knowledge, remembrance,
information, and belief, and that as fully and par
ticularly as if the same were here repeated
and they and every of them distinctly interroga
thereto, and more especially that said
Geroge W Coons may in manner aforesaid answer
and set forth whether he has not bought up claims
against the estate of said MiltonMilton Duty which
have been allowed against said estate
on the names of other persons than him?
what are the claims thus bought up? In whose
names were they allowed? what am
ount was given for each by the said GeorgeGeorge W Coons
W CoonsGeorge W Coons ? What amounts of money he has
as administrator of said MiltonMilton Duty drawn
from said LA Benoist & Co, and whether
the same is a portion thereof did not