Preston and Others v. George W. Coons, Administrator of the Estate of Milton Duty, et al.
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belong to said JesseJesse ? Whether the accounts of
RobertRobert Strong and Haywood Boyette were not ex
hibited and allowed more than three years
of the letters of administration had been
granted on said Duty'sDuty's estate by the
Probate Court of St Louis County? Whether
he has made any efforts to enforce the li
abilities of the administrators in Missis
sippi and their securites; and if yes, what
efforts? And your orator and oratrixes pray
that a writ of may issue against
said George W CoonsGeorge W Coons , Robert E Strong, and
Haywood Boyette in usual form. And
you orator & oratrices pray that the
injunction he revived in this cause; and that
a receiver be a appointed by this Honorable
Court to take charge of the com
planiants and hire them out until the
termination of this suit; and that the
same relief may be had against the de
fendants in said original bill as is there in prayed
and that, upon a final hearing of this cause, if
it shall appear to your Honor that that the
assets in the hands of said Geo W. CoonsGeorge W Coons , and
with which he is justly chargable exclusive of your orator & oratrixes are not suf
ficient fully to satisfy all just demands
against said Duty'sDuty's estate, then
and in that event, they pray that they may be
hired out under direction of this Honorable Court,
or their services for a limited number of years,
to be ascertained under direction of this court,
sold, to raise the balance which shall be wanting

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to satisfy said debts, and that they may be then
and after the expiration said term of service, de
clared free, and that they may such other
& further relief as shall consist with equity,
& the nature of their case shall require &
as in duty found they will ever pray to.

Townsurd, Goode & Cornick

Sols. for Complts.