Preston and Others v. George W. Coons, Administrator of the Estate of Milton Duty, et al.
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The State Of MissouriMissouri


County of St. LouisCounty of St Louis

, ss.

To the Sheriff of St. Louis County-Greeting


We command you to summon George W CoonsGeorge W Coons administrator of
MiltonMilton Duty decd., Joel L Anderson, David CoonsDavid Coons , James WaltonJames Walton
HenryHenry VonPhul, Theodore S McGill, E B Sniedler, Robert
Street, M W Swing, I E Craft, E English,
F. Sweeny, John MJohn M Glenn, David GentryDavid Gentry , JesseJesse Jones JonesJesse Jones ,
James AJames A Shirley ChouteauChouteau , JamesJames V Prather V PratherJames V Prather ,,
Louis ALouis A Benoist BenoistLouis A Benoist , the President Director and Company of the
Planters Bank of Mississippi, Robert Strong, Haywood Boyette,
John and WilliamWilliam Henderson that they be and appear
before the Judge of our Circuit CourtCircuit Court , sitting as a Court of Chancers on the first day of the next term thereof, to be
held at the City of St. LouisCity of St Louis, within and for the county of St. LouisSt Louis, on the third Monday
of November next, then and there to answer unto the bill of complaint
of Preston, Braxton, MaryMary , NatNat , Beverly, JesseJesse , , MadisonMadison ,
MalindaMalinda , Seany, ClarissaClarissa , CarolineCaroline , JacksonJackson and MaryMary infants
by BraxtonBraxton their next friend, HowardHoward and JamesJames infant , LewisLewis
and MargaretMargaret minors Ann ElizaEliza & Beverly minors LucyLucy EllenEllen
minor, NellyNelly

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And have you
Witness, John RulandJohn Ruland ,
with the seal thereof hereto
city of St. LouisSt Louis, this 12October in the year hundred and forty one.

John RulandJohn Ruland