Preston and Others v. George W. Coons, Administrator of the Estate of Milton Duty, et al.
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Saint LouisSt Louis County Probate Court September Term 1841Saturday 18th September 1841

George W CoonsGeorge W Coons Administrator with the will
annexed of MiltonMilton Duty Deceased
order of Sale of Slaves

George W CoonsGeorge W Coons administrator as aforesaid appears and presents to the court his petition setting forth that there
are demands allowed against the estate of MiltonMilton Duty deceased amounting to Seven thousand two hundred and
three dollars sixty three cents, that a Judgement for the sum of Fourteen hundred and twenty two dollars thirty three
cents has been obtained against him as administrator of said deceased in the Court of Common pleas of the CountyCounty of Saint Louis
of Saint LouisCounty of Saint Louis, and that demands against said estate have been exhibited to him to the amount of Eighteen hundred
and ninety seven dollar making the sum total allowed and presented against said Estate Ten thousand and five
hundred and twenty two dollars thirty three cents, that two thousand four hundred and one dollars twelve cents
thereof has been paid - to satisfy the balance there are in the hands of the Administrator in cash Three thousand two
hundred and seventeen dollars seventy three cents: notes for negro hire nine hundred and Sixty five dollars, the
greater part of which cannot be collected, and in notes due in MississippiMississippi no part of which can be rendered
available, amounting to Seven thousand four hundred and ten dollars eighty five cents, and the Slaves belonging
to the Estate twenty six in number which were appraised at Seven thousand Seven hundred and twenty five dollars -
that the hire of said slaves will not in any reasonable time enable him to pay the said debts and praying the

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court to order said slaves to be sold or as many of them as will be sufficient to pay said demands. Therefore
it is considered by the court that the said George W CoonsGeorge W Coons do on the twelfth day of October next between the hours of
nine O'Clock in the forenoon and Six O'Clock in the afternoon of that day at the Court Housedoor of the County ofCounty of Saint Louis
Saint LouisCounty of Saint Louis Expose to sale the following named slaves belonging to the Estate of said deceaed to wit, JesseJesse , NathanielNathaniel
JordanJordan , Beverley, MadisonMadison , SamuelSamuel , HarryHarry , HarrisonHarrison , Henderson, JacksonJackson , HowardHoward CarolineCaroline and her child, LucyLucy
LydiaLydia , ClarissaClarissa and her two infant children, Sena and her infant child, NellyNelly , MalindaMalinda and her three infant
children, ElizaEliza and MaryMary , and sell the said negroes or so many of them as will be sufficient to pay the
demands established against said Estate on the following terms to wit; one third in cash, one third in four
months and one third in Eight months from the day of sale, that he give notice of the time, terms and place
of said sale in some newspaper printed in this state for at least twenty one days before the day of sale that
he take bond with sufficient security or negotiable notes with sufficient endorsers for the payment of the balance
and that he report his proceedings in the same to this court