Preston and Others v. George W. Coons, Administrator of the Estate of Milton Duty, et al.
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Preston Braxton & others
George W. CoonsGeorge W Coons admr & others

In Chancery in
St Louis CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court - November Term 1841

Separated answer of Henry ChouteauHenry Chouteau surviving
partner of Reily & Chouteau a late firm comprised
of John P.Reily in his life time & HenryHenry Chouteau ChouteauHenry Chouteau
Now at this day comes the said defendant
saving and reserving to him self now and at all
times hereafter all and all manner of benefit
and advantage of exception to the manifold
uncertainties and imperfections in the said
complainants said bill of complaint contained,
for answerthereunto or unto so much
thereof as materially concerns this defendant to
make answer unto the answer the & seith -
That on the sixth day of April in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred & thirty seven the then firm
of Reily & Chouteau sold to said MiltonMilton Duty
forty five bags of Salt containing Sixty three hundred
& sixty three pounds at one and one eighth
cent per pound amounting to Ninety five dollars
& forty five cents and thirty other bags of Salt containing thirty three hundred & sixty pounds at one
& one half cents per pound amounting to fifty dollars
forty cents making in all the sum of one hundred and forty five dollars and eighty five cents

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which salt was delivered according to the directions
of said Duty to Wm Risley & was used by
said Risley to repack for Duty a lot of pork
which was sunk in a boat at the landing
in the City of St LouisCity of St Louis- That the said amount
of one hundred & forty five dollars and eighty five
cents is justly due to this respondent from the
Estate of said Duty, it as being the surviving partner
of the given of Reily & Chouteau and that
said account for the above amount was proven
before & allowed by the County Court of St Louis County
in the fifth day of accounts against the Estate of
said Duty, on the Sixteenth day of September in the year Eighteen hundred & thirty ninesince
which time this respondent is entitled to interest
on the above account -

Without that, that there is any other matter or thing
material or necessary for this defendant to make
answer unto & not herein & hereby will & sufficiently
answered unto confessed or or denied
is true. All which matters & things this defendant is ready to
& prove as this honorable Court shall direct & award and
humbly prays hence to be dismissed with his reasonable costs
& charges in this behalf most wrongfully sustained

Henry ChouteauHenry Chouteau