Preston and Others v. George W. Coons, Administrator of the Estate of Milton Duty, et al.
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HughHugh Gallagher, of lawful age, being produced
sworn and examined, and saith, that
he was acquainted with MiltonMilton Duty from
August 1837, until he died, which was in the latter
part of July, or the beginning of August 1838.
Deponent states that she visited the house of deceased
on the night of his death, in company with

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George W.CoonsGeorge W Coons ; and that the deceased could not
have been dead more than an hour when deponent
reached his house; Is not sure that any white person
except, GeorgeGeorge Galloway, who said he was nephew
of the deceased, was at the house when Deponent
arrived there. Shortly after the deponent
reached the house aforesaid, JamesJames Adams AdamsJames Adams , and as he thinks
his wife came in. Mr. G.W.CoonsG W Coons , that night
took possession of all the books, papers and personal
property, of the deceased. and it was by the advice
of this deponent, that said coons took possession
of the personal property aforesaid, as he knew
that the deceased was largely indebted to the father
of said G.W.CoonsG W Coons . The money was found,
with the papers, in a trunk which was not
locked. An inventory was then and there taken
of all the money and property aforesaid, by this
deponent, at the house of the deceased, before
the said CoonsCoons took possession thereof. examination
of all the papers in the trunk was made, at the
time of taking an inventory and one trunk, a
any small one was taken away that night by Mr. G.W. Coons,
and the other one was taken away the next
morning. If any papers were destroyed that
night, which deponent is pretty certain there were
not, he saw them before they were destroyed, but
is certain that none were torn. If any were
thrown out, they were old envelopes of letters,
or waste paper. Young Gallaway was present
at the examination aforesaid. no
made by AdamsAdams against the proceedings
aforesaid. Does not know whether a white woman
by the name of Sunions or Suninons was there;
but states that the neighbours were coming in
and going out frequently. Knew none of the
persons aforesaid, except AdamsAdams . Put the inventory
in with the papers aforementioned. Deponent thinks