Preston and Others v. George W. Coons, Administrator of the Estate of Milton Duty, et al.
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and that thereupon they both went, immediately,
to the house of said Duty; that this deponent remained
at the house of Duty three or four hours, and then
went away to procure a shroud and other appliances
for the burial of the deceased and afterwards
returned to the house as he now thinks.

Deponent thinks that he examined all the papers
of the deceased and found no evidence among them of debt of
CoonsCoons to Duty, and this examination was on the night of
the death of Duty. Deponent did not see, on the night
just referred to, any attempt on the part of G.W.CoonsG W Coons
to or any papers of the deceased nor,
would he have permitted such a transation if he had
witnessed it. Deponent states, that W.Coons was
solicited or advised to take out letters of administration
on the estate of MiltonMilton Duty, by Charles Mulligan
AndrewAndrew Christy James Smith, WilliamWilliam C. Wiggins
and others, the personal friends of David CoonsDavid Coons .
The following transcript is taken from two small books
of David CoonsDavid Coons