Preston and Others v. George W. Coons, Administrator of the Estate of Milton Duty, et al.
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James AdamsJames Adams of lawful age, being produced, sworn
and examined, deposith and saith : That he was acquainted
with MiltonMilton Duty, for the period of two years previous to
his death and up to the time of his death. Deponent
lived a near neighbour to the deceased and he died in the
arms of the Deponent. Deponent further states, that at the
time of the death of MiltonMilton Duty, three were present, this
deponent, his wife, madame Belfour, and as he thinks
Rebecca Simons; and that GeorgeGeorge Gallaway was present
at the time this deponent was laying out the deceased
and that the said Gallaway, was the nephew of the deceased
as this Deponent had been told by the said Duty in his
life time; and that the said Galloway was then boarding
at the house of thedeceased in which the said Duty died
and going to school. This deponent states, that a man
came there with whom he was not then acquainted
whom he understood to be GeorgeGeorge W Coons W. CoonsGeorge W Coons , who took away
the trunks of the deceased, but this Deponent does not
know that he would now recognize the person of said
CoonsCoons . This deponent further states, that immedately after
the deceased drew his last breath the person who he understood
was G.W. Coons, and another white person whom
this deponent did not know, came in and the trunks
of the deceased having been brought out by a negro,
they, the two white men aforesaid began to ransack the
said trunks, and this Deponent then and there demonstrated
against this proceeding, as being premature
before the corpse had been laid out. Deponent saw some
papers lying on the floor near where the trunks had