Preston and Others v. George W. Coons, Administrator of the Estate of Milton Duty, et al.
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The examination of the witness, which commenced
on the second of December, WilliamWilliam AdamsAdams , bring this third day of December 1841resumed the deponent states; that
infrequent conversation with MiltonMilton Duty, the deceased
a short time before his death, he the deceased stated
that he himself and one of his slaves had worked hard
for what he had and that no one should be benefitted by
it and that he would set all of them free at the
time of his death and this Deponent understood from the said Duty that he had made a
will to that effect which was left down the river at
vicksburg or somewhere in that quarter. Deponent
further states that the deceased told him a short time be
fore his death, when he had the money by or spoken of just after his
return from the south, that with the exception of his
indebtedness to Mr. David CoonsDavid Coons , he was free with the world
This depondent knows, from his personal observation and
intercourse with the deceased just before his death, that his
negros came in, to their master, and paid him their daily
earnings, which was a dollar a day for males but
does not know what the woman received. Deponent
in answer to a question by the plaintiff's counsel
says, that he is now in fail on a charge for breach
of the peace.

The deponent being cross examined by the defendants
counsel, deposith and saith, that it was not long after the
death of MiltonMilton Duty when the two white men above mentioned came in; they came in with PrestonPreston one of the slaves
of the deceased having gone out immediately after
the death of Duty. Deponent saw two trunks in the
house of Duty; one of them was a large trunk, and the
other was a small one; and these trunks were in
another room at the time of his death. Deponent states
that the two white persons who came into the house of the
deceased after his death, and asked for âthe things,â and then
the trunks were taken out of the bed room of Duty, into the larger
room, and there examined - the deceased died on the porch of the
house, and was taken then into his bed room, after his
Death. Deponent states, that when the persons who came in