Preston and Others v. George W. Coons, Administrator of the Estate of Milton Duty, et al.
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Question What did he do with his property &
negroes when he left WarrenWarren County CountyWarren County
and moved to St LouisSt Louis?

Answer He brought most of his negroes with
him to St LouisSt Louis some few he sold.

Question Had Duty much owing him when he left
WarrenWarren county, if so who were his
debtors & how much did each one, & do
you know if any of said debts have been paid?

Answer The spring before Duty died he visted
VicksburgVicksburg, and told me that he had
left two notes with G. Harrison attorny
at law for collection; one was against - G
Banfred; the amount of which I know
not, it was for several hundred dollars
Also there was another note he left I think against the
Directors or TrusteesTrustees of the district
in which he lived for some four
or five hundred dollars- These were all
the claims he mentioned having but in Harrisons
hand- He told me had a note of $900 against
Gilson, which he offered to trade to me, but
was refused by me, he stated also that
John Henderson owed him much
I don't know it was a considerable
amount- There are persons I recollect I think
his mentioning that owed him -
that the two first notes have been
collected; about the others I know nothing.

question Was Duty to you when he left
County if so state whether you have

Answer He owed me a note of between a $1000 & $1000, mostly
borrowed money I had so much confidence in his
honesty and ability that I would have loaned him
any amount I could have spared;

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Deposition of witness produced sworn and examined at
the office of LouisLouis T Labeaume T LabeaumeLouis T Labeaume in the City & County ofCounty of St Louis
St LouisCounty of St Louis and state of MissouriMissouri, before me LouisLouis T Labeaume T LabeaumeLouis T Labeaume
a justice of the peace of or the County aforesaid, to
be read in evidence on the trial of a
certain case now pending in the
Circuit CourtCircuit Court for the County ofCounty of St Louis
St LouisCounty of St Louis, state of MissouriMissouri, between
Preston, Braxton & others Plaintiff
and George W CoonsGeorge W Coons administrator of
MiltonMilton Duty & others defendants
on the part of complainants

Michael U suing of lawful age being produced
sworn and examined deposith and saith in
answer to the following interrogations as follows

Question by Complainants Counsel- Were you acquainted with
MiltonMilton Duty decd if so state where he visited at
the time you first knew him?

Answer I was acquainted with him, he resided in WarrenWarren County
CountyWarren County Missisippi, I lived near him from the fall of 1834,
untill August 1836-
I moved from the country to
VicksburgVicksburg in August 1836, where
I resided to the spring of1840; I was
intimately acquainted with said Duty, and I
always regarded him as an honest
and very upright man - Duty
removed from WarrenWarren County CountyWarren County to
St LouisSt LouisMo in the fall of 1836, or
spring of 1839 I cant say positively which
Duty resided here untill he died-

Question Were you intimately acquainted with him and his
Circumstances ?

Answer I was intimately acquainted with him, and knew that he was
in good Circumstances as I considered, his property consistedprimarily
of negroes, I think he owned about 25
or 30 negroes I presumed he owned land, but not that where
he then resided- He was a man who rarely
went in debt, and at that time I think he owed very little.