Preston and Others v. George W. Coons, Administrator of the Estate of Milton Duty, et al.
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Mr. J.O Harrison attorney for Duty
paid me over a thousand dollars on
account of the note aforesaid; this was
paid the winter previous to Duty'sDuty's
death; there was a balance of
about $132 still owe me for
principal and interest - This balance
was not paid up to the time of
Duty'sDuty's death; after his death
and applied to David CoonsDavid Coons who I under-
stood had been appointedDuty'sDuty's
administrator for the balance due
me; he wrote me an answer
which is now in MasonMason County CountyMason County
IllinoisIllinois, I will inclose to
Mr Risque as soon as I reach
home of afterwards came to
St. LouisSt Louis and saw said CoonsCoons
about my claim, he told me
there were to many preferred
debts and the estate was so much
behind that it would be a long
time before I would get my
money and advised me to sell my
claim and refered me to his
son to purchase it - I did so, I
offered my claim to George U coons the
son of DavidDavid Coons CoonsDavid Coons for $ 100 - which
amount he paid me for it before
selling it David CoonsDavid Coons had told me
I would do well to get eighty
seven dollars in hand for it

Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 25th day of April 1843
Louis F

Labeaume J.P