Preston and Others v. George W. Coons, Administrator of the Estate of Milton Duty, et al.
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the papers were not locked, and all of the papers
and contents of the trunk were examined
by said gallagher with
this defendant at the time and before this
defendant took possession and charge thereof
That no receipt note evidence of debt, memo-
randum or valuable paper of any kind whatsoever
belonging to, or found among the
affects of said Duty, was ever destroyed
torn up, abstracted, or suppressed by this
defendant or by anyone else to his knowl-
edge, but on the contrary this defendant
has accounted to the county court and
probate court for every dollar of money
and every note, evidence of debt,
claim, debt and every article of personal paper
that ever come to his hands or possession
belonging to or found among the effects of
said Duty at the time of his death or since
and this defendant further says that he had
no knowledge of the existence of the will of
of said Duty at the time the letters of
administration were first taken out by
him, nor until about the time a copy of the same was
presented to the county court for record

And this defendant further answering
says that previous to the ninetenth of September a.D 1839. demands were allowed in the county court
of St Louis County against the estate of said Duty and
placed in the fifth class to the amount of seven
thousand eight hundred and sixty one dollars and
three cents- That between the date last mentioned
and the eighteenth day of September A.D. 1841 demands
to the amount of three thousand six hundred and

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thirty one dollars and seventy three cents have
been allowed in said court and in the probate court against said
estate and placed in the sixth class- that
since the last mentioned date, additional
demands amounting to nineteen hundred
and eighty six dollars and forty seven cents
have been allowed in said probate court
against the estate of said Duty and plead
in the seventh class That making in
all the sum of thirteen thousand four hundred
and seventy nine dollars and twenty three
cents, same of which said demands bear interest at the
note of ten percent per - that by
orders of the said probate court he has
said ninety per cent upon the demands
allowed in the fifth class That the balance
due and unpaid upon the demands allowed as
aforesaid with the intreset due there on
after deducting the ninety percent paid as
aforesaid upon the demands in the fifth class-
amounts at this time to about
eight thousand dollars - That he, this defendant
had in his hands on the last December term
of the probate court and has now, of effects belonging
to the estate of said Duty, only the following
eleven hundred and forty one 73/100 dollars in cash
notes due and to become due for hire of slaves up to
the fifteenth of July next (AD. 1843) twenty five
hundred and sixty four dollars and one cent
- notes against persons in the state of MississippiMississippi
to the amount of forty nine hundred
and ninety five dollars and ninty three cents
The complaintants, slaves belonging to the