Preston and Others v. George W. Coons, Administrator of the Estate of Milton Duty, et al.
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tax upon said slaves paid by this defendant
to seventy dollars -
This defendant therefore states that if to the amounts
of demands allowed against said Estate now un-
paid amounting to the sum of eight
thousand dollars as aforesaid he added the sum
of five hundred dollars admitted in said Bill
as in special legacy in the will of said Duty
to one Joel L. Anderson, which is
not yet paid, and also the sum of five
hundred dollars for commisions to this defendant
and other expenses of the administration
yet to accrue, there will remain the sum
of nine thouand dollars to be yet
paid out of the assets in the hands of this
defendants administrator of the said Duty'sDuty's
Estate - and this defendant believes that the
amount will in fact exceed this estimate-
To much which demands this defendant has
as stated, cash to the amount of
Eleven hundred and forty one dollars and seventy
three cents - notes which will probably be avail-
able for the hire of the said slaves
up to the
fifteenth of July eighteen hundred and forty three (after deducting the bad notes as above
stated) to the amount of fifteen hundred and
ninety nine dollars - making in all the
sum of twenty seven hundred and forty dollars
and seventy three cents, as the only assets payed
means belonging to the Estate
of the said Duty, which will be available
on the fifteenth day of July eighteen hundred and forty three,

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apart the
value of said slaves, to satisfy the said demands
amounting to nine thousand dollars to that
at the date last mentioned, there will remain
about the sum of six thousand two hundred
fifty nine dollars and twenty seven cents of
demands against the said Estate to be
paid either by the sale or the
proceeds of the hire of said slaves
being no other resource if the foregoing
statements and estimates be correct, as this
defendant believes they are, the
proceeds of the sale of said slaves at this or
at any reasonable time hereafter, would
be insufficient to satisfy all the demands
against said Duty'sDuty's Estate - and if the
last hiring of said slaves for the year
which is to end on the fifteenth of July eighteen hundred and forty three as
above states for the amount of Eleven hundred
and twenty nine dollars and fifty cents, be
as considered the was value of their future
annual hire, and the sum of seventy dollars
be deducted therefore for the taxes as
above stated, and also the amount of interest
annually accuring on the balance
if demand unpaid, would be but
between six and seven hundred dollars per
realized to go in liquidation of
the said balance of said demands against
the Estate, long since and for
which the creditors are now