Charles, a man of color v. Perter Verhagen
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in his said declaration alleged and of
this he the said defendant puts himself upon
the County & C- Primm p.d. Change of
And the said plaintiff does the like P-G.
And afterwards to wit at the March Term of said court for the year eighteen hundred and forty Oneon the twenty sixth day of April the following proceedings were
had in said cause to wit CharlesCharles a man of
color= vs = PeterPeter VerhagenVerhagen - Freedom= The Judge
of this court having given an opinion whilst
at the bar in this case it is ordered that the
venue of this cause be changed to the St LouisSt Louis
court of Common pleas. and that the Clerk of
this court make out a full transcript of the
record and proceedings in the cause. and
transmit the same duly certified together with
all the original papers filed in the cause and not
forming a part of the record to the clerk of the
said court of common pleas. â