Musa Benable Gazen vs. John H. Sparr, George Charles, Samual Hobart, and George H.C. Mellody
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To the honorable the Judge of the Circuit CourtCircuit Court
of St. Louis County

MusaMusa Ben .BenMusa Ben . Abel - a male Child
of colour aged about three years, respectfully shows
to your honor - that he is the son of a woman
of color, who was formerly the property of felinWalkerWalker
of the state of MississippiMississippi - that the said WalkerWalker sometime
in the spring of the year eighteen hundred and
forty one took the said view mother of your petitioner who was to County in the state of illinois where
the said and your petitioner was held to and service as by the said WalkerWalker for is not about that
afterwards the and your petitioner
brought to the on
St. LouisSt Louis in the state of MissouriMissouri from said state of IllinoisIllinois by one
still in of the said and placed
in the house of our H. in said City
that said to hold and to
to the said and your petitioner a from said still said view &
your petitioner to our B. Shaw, who under
such pretended and right
the said and your petitioners to GeorgeGeorge
& Samual hobart your petitioner believes
that your petitioner is now in the custody of MelodyMelody - your petitioner states that the said
H. B. , George charles,
and SamuelSamuel all to hand some
right of property in your petitioner -
your petitioner states that the said
made efforts to obtain opinion of your petitioner,
to seperate him from his mother then said
view & tomorrow him as he believes out of the
jurisdiction of the said court - Believing that
he is freed and entilled to his freedom, your
petitioner prays your honorto allow him to sue
for his freedom as a poor person, by his next
friendEvansEvans , and that your honor will
make such other and further orders as the

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as they can provide to secured to your petitioner
his rights and to being out of out
of said Court - your petitioner states further
that his mother the said , is the daughter of a by an Indian man, and that the further
of your petitioner is a white man that the
of blood in your petitioner is about

Ben Abel Gazin

By &