Musa Benable Gazen vs. John H. Sparr, George Charles, Samual Hobart, and George H.C. Mellody
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In the St. Louis Circuit CourtCircuit CourtJuly Term 1842

MusaMusa Ben BenMusa Ben Abel Gazen, a
boy of colour who was by his next friend
complains of John HJohn H . spam
george charles, Samual HobartHobart & george H. C. wells
of plea of trespass and false imprisonment
for that the said defandants on the
twenty nineth day of April in the year eigghteen hundred and forty two at the county afore said, upon
said plaintiff an assault did make and him
the said plaintiff did strike, and otherwise
ill treat and him then and then did
imprison & so detained him in imprisonment
for a long time to suit from the day& year last
aforeaid to this day contrary to the in
such and provided and against
the peace and dignity of the state aforesaid and
the said plaintiff areas that before and at the
time of the committing of the grievances aforesaid,
be the said MusaMusa Ben . BenMusa Ben Abel Gazen
was and still is a free person, and that the
said defendants held and still lived him
in slavery. To the plaintiff damage one
dollar & therefore he brings suit &c.



Plaintiff attornies