Jinny Jackson vs. James Frasier
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To the Honarable the Judges of the Circuit Court of the CountyCounty of St Louis
of St. LouisCounty of St Louis in the State of MissouriMissouri

The undersigned one on the Justice of the peace of
the State of MarylandMaryland in refer county, respectivelly returns
by virtue of the Commission hereunto issued out of the
said Circuit CourtCircuit Court in a cause therein pending in which jinney
JacksonJackson is Plaintiff & James OJames O Fraser FraserJames O Fraser is Defendant and in pursuance
of the notice accompanying said commission, which is also
to annexed, he did on the tenth day of October in the year 1842 between the hours of Eight in the forenoon & 8 o'clock in the
afternoon, attend at Michaelsville in said County of Harford. being
the time & place mentioned in said notice, and then & there look the

of John . the person also mentioned
in our notice in relation to the cause aforesaid, having first
can oath with said John upon of almighty that the evidence which he should
âgive touching his knowledge or rememberanced in relation other
âmatter of controversey between Negro JinneyJinny JacksonJackson Plaintiff
"and James OJames O Fraser .FraserJames O Fraser Defendant, in the Circuit CourtCircuit Court
"of the County of St.LouisCounty of St Louis in the State of MissouriMissouri should be the
âtruth the whole truth & nothing been the truth so help him
âGodâ Which said Depositions in as follows suit -

I John I. Commonly called John Dallow
of MarylandMaryland, do depose, that JamesJames the son of
Richard Dallam late of said , that JamesJames now
in my severity second year of age, being severity two in january
next- that my mind & memory, I belived are
last my eyesight very defection so much so as
incapable of either reading or writing (the paper here unto annexed
professing she a copy of a duo of from Dalland
. negro & other negroes bearning date the 26th Feby 1787 &
âcopy of Deed of from Richd Dalland
to sunday Negroes. Exhibit Aâ was here filed oas a part of the testimony
in the case read to witness by your commissions) âthat my fathr
the said RichardRichard ar the time said deed of bears
date owned & the several negroes therein named, and

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have always understood & beleived that he set said negroes
together with others free. That my father the said
RichardRichard was or the date ofsaid to wit in
February 1787 in good health) this mind sound
paired, for same time between the your mentioned in said deed by the name of Pegg. I have a distinct recollection
of she lived with me on a form called the Mile Squar
in this County in the year 1791 there had two children, one
of whom was named Jin or JinneyJinny and was were about two or three
years of age. That Pegg was then in good health & some where
about my age. That negro Jimmey lived with my father
from 1791 until the year 1807 when she went live
with my brother RichardRichard in the town of and

my father sent Jimmey out out to me & she lived with
me until I came away I left Jimmey on the farm
with read of the negroes, in & under the care
of my brother william - that in the year 1807 I
against went to KentuckyKentucky & found Jimmey living where
I left him and in 1809 when I again returned from
KentuckyKentucky I think Jimmey was living with Richand B Dalland - That is the year 1817 (Eighteen hundred seventeen )I again went to kentucky & Jimmey was ther
living in the barrens to herself with her husband & children
which was the last time I saw her & what has since
become of her of my own knowledge I am unable
to tell- to the best of my knowledge and belief my
father never owned any other negro woman by the
name of Pegg but the one I have before mentioned-

Jimmey was rather of a yellowish complexion & short of
State- further I know not