Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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To the Hon. Byan Mallanphy, Judge of the Circuit CourtCircuit Court of
St Louis County.

Your pititioner PierrePierre , a mulatto, respectfully
presents, that his mother a negress named RoseRose or Rosalie was born
in Montrial in about the year seventeen hundred and sixty eight that in the year seventeen hundred and sixty
one or thereabouts the said RoseRose and taken from MontrealMontreal
to PrariePrairie Du ChienChien in the North West territory of the UnitedUnited States
StatesUnited States by one John Stock, when she remained with said Stock
until his death, which as believe in
the year seventeen hundred and ninety four, rendering service
to him his family. That about the year seventeen hundred and ninety five one AndrewAndrew ToddTodd took your
Petitioner's mother the said RoseRose , from prarie Du ChienChien , and brought
her to St LouisSt Louis, them in on the Spanish government now the
city of St LouisSt Louis, in the County of St LouisCounty of St Louis, state of MissouriMissouri, and
on the twenty eighth day of October in the same year sold the
said RoseRose to one Pierre Joseph, by bill of sale of
â Petitioner further
States that on the eighth day of August seventeen hundred ninty eight by bill of sale of that date ()
the said sold the said RoseRose , your petitioners mother
to one Auguste Chonteau, together with her two children
describing them in said bill of sale as a ânegress named
RoseRose , a native of MontrealMontreal in CanadaCanada aged about 30 years,
and her two sons Benoist two years old and Juissaint ten
months old, both born in this countyâ: in this bill of sale the
said Didice expressly that he gives no warranty
as to the title of saidRoseRose and her said two childrenYour
Petitioner further States that his mother, the said RoseRose
remained in the service of said ChouteauChouteau until the time of
her death - that whilst in the service of said ChoteauChoteau , the
said RoseRose because the mother of several children
amongst whom is your petitioner, from about the year
eighteen hundred and eight. After the death
of said ChoteauChoteau , which happened several years ago your petitioner
came into the possession of Theresa Choteau his widow who
claimed petitioner as his slave, and to whom he did service

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that That during the summer of eighteen hundred and forty two
the said Theresa Choteau died within the county of St LouisSt Louis
aforesaid and the happening of which event your petitioner
came into the possession of Gabrial S. ChouteauS Chouteau who
now holds you petitioner in servitude as a slave in the said
County of St LouisCounty of St Louis and within the jurisdiction of said Court.

Your petitioner claims to the freeman, first because his mother
was born free being a native of a British Province in which slavery
was not tollerated and secondly because if his mother was
born a slave, she because by her residence at PrariePrairie du ChienChien
as aforesaid, a free person by of the Ordinance of Congress
of seventeen hundred and eighty seven. Your Petitioner therefore
prays your honor to allow him to sue as a poor person in an
action of false imprisonment against said Gabrial S. ChouteauS Chouteau
in order to establish his right to freedom & he will &c.

PierrePierre his X of color