Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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Objected to

Were held, as I understood from themselves and others,
as slaves, but who were induced to apply to the Courts
of justice to be declared free, and , as I also understood,
were so declared. One of these, as nearly as I recollect,
was called PhillisPhillis , and lived at Sorel in this District, and
then was also another, whose name I cannot call to
mind. these things are honour, as I belive, fifty years
bygone or more, and I do not now recollect having
myself seen any more recent instances of persons residing
in Lower CanadaCanada who were held as slaves.

To the 11th lastCross- question,- Have you any recollection of the de facto
existence of slavery in any part of CanadaCanada- or
have you not hered of slaves being owned and held
long after the conquest by inhabitations of this Province?

Answer,- I have no recollection on the subject beyond
what is contained in the last and precedinganswers.
I have heard of slaves being owned and held in the
Province of CanadaProvince of Canada after the conquests but but I never
heard of any one retained in slavery in Lower CanadaCanada
subsequent to the division of CanadaCanada into two Provinces
by the act of the Parliament of Great Brittain of 1790, if
they applied to the Courts to be discharged.

And further I say not.