Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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PierrePierre (of color) Plaintiff
Gabriel S.ChouteauGabriel S Chouteau , Defendant

SamuelSamuel WentworthWentworth Monk MonkWentworth Monk , of the City ofCity of Montreal MontrealCity of Montreal,
in CanadaCanada East, Esquire, of lawful age, a witness
produced on behalf of the Plaintiff, was sworn and
examined, and deponeth as follows:-

I do not know the parties in this cause, nor
am I interested in the event of this suit:- WilliamWilliam C.
H.Coffin, and L.I., of MontrealMontreal
Esquire, and I, am Prothonotaries of the Court of Queen's
Bench for the District ofDistrict of Montreal MontrealDistrict of Montreal, in this Province:- we
are commissioned together as jointProthonotary, "and,
in that capacity, we have the custody of the archives
of the Court formerly known as the Court of Kings Bench,
and now known as the Court of Queen's Bench. I have
never had occasion to study the question of the legality
or illegality of slavery in CanadaCanada, but from the registers
of the Court of Kings Bench for the District ofDistrict of Montreal MontrealDistrict of Montreal
I am aware of a Judgment having him rendered
in the said Court on the eighteenth day of february in the year one thousand Eight hundred, by which a
negro or blackman named RobinRobin aliasRobertRobert , who had
been clamied as a slave, was set free. The original
writ of habias corpus and return thereto are in the
archives of the said Court in my custody. I produce,
to be annexed to this my deposition, copies of the said
writ and return, and of the proceedings had thereon as
they appear in the register of the Court in my charge.
There are true copies, and as such are duly certified
under my official signature, and the seal of the
Court of Queen's Bench for this District. The three
Judges who appear to have heard and decided the