Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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Province of Lower CanadaCanada
District of MontrealDistrict of Montreal
Cour duBanc du Roi
No. 4.

Monday the tenth day of February one thousand eight hundred.

The Chief Justice
Mr. Justice PanetPanet
Mr. Justice Ogden

JamesJames Fraser FraserJames Fraser

On Habias Corpus to bring the Body
of one RobinRobin or RobertRobert a blackman.
The Gaoler made his return to the writ
and brought up the body. Mr PerryPerry on the part of the
Prisoner showed cause why he ought not to be detained
in Goal. Mr. Ker on the part of the Defendant
replied. Ordered that the further hearing stand over to