Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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Province of
District of MontrealDistrict of Montreal
to wit

We SamuelSamuel WentworthWentworth Monk
MonkWentworth Monk William CraigieWilliam Craigie Holmes
HolmesWilliam Craigie Holmes Coffin and Louis JosephLouis Joseph
Amedee Joint prothonotary of
HerMajesty's Court of Queen's Bench, for the district
of MontrealMontreal, in the province of CanadaCanada, do hereby
certify and attest that the foregoing two several copies
marked respectively âNo 1.â & âNo 2â are true copies
of an Original writ of habeas corpus, and the return
thereto, issued out of, and returned into the Court of
King's Bench for the said District of MontrealDistrict of Montreal in the
session of the said Court held in the month of
Febraury in the year one thousand eight hundred
and the foregoing three several copies marked respec
tively âNo. 3â - âNo. 4â, & âNo. 5â, are true copies extracted
from the registers, of the proceedings had in the said
Court, to final Judgment inclusively, in relation to the
said writ of habeascorpus; the said original writ
and return thereto; and the said registers remaining
among the archives of the said Court in our official

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Given under our hand and the
seal of the said Court of Queen's
Bench at the City of MontrealCity of Montreal in the
District of MontrealDistrict of Montreal aforesaid this
sixteenth day of April, in the year of our Lords, One thousand eight hun-dred and forty six, and of Her
Majesty's reign the ninth.

MonkMonk &