Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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MaryMary Angelica widow
of the late Richard B. HayEsquire
in his life time of the City ofCity of Quebec QuebecCity of Quebec
Esquire, of lawful age, being produceed
sworn and examined on the
part of the Defendant deposeth
and saith; I am not related
to the parties in
this cause nor
interested in the
event of this suit.

JSM. C. CtJ.
I was borm in the
City ofCity of Quebec QuebecCity of Quebec in the ProvinceProvince of Canada ofProvince of Canada
CanadaProvince of Canada about the year 1776. I
have a veryclearrecollection
that slavery existed in CanadaCanada
during my youth - manyof
our friends in QuebecQuebecwere slave
holders, and about the year 1790
I remember that my father
sold a slave called , at
auction, at QuebecQuebec and
that such a sale was
questioned on the ground of
its validity - In 1790 - or 1791 I
left QuebecQuebec for Kingston and after
residing there two or three year
or perhaps four I returned to QuebecQuebec
and found that were

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still owned & possessed by their
masters in the sameway as
when I left - The ownership and
possession of slaves in QuebecQuebec
was a general thing
and spoken of as a matter of
- I have no knowledge
that the right to fold slaves
was ever questioned in QuebecQuebec
or in CanadaCanada at that

cross - examined -

The legality or illegality of holding
slaves was never questioned that
I know of - I can only speak
of the practie & what I saw -
the foregoing deposition being
Deponent persisted therein
it contains the truth & hath .

. HayHay

I. JohnJohn Samuel Mc Cord SamuelJohn Samuel Mc Cord McJohn Samuel Mc Cord CordJohn Samuel Mc Cord , Esquire, and