Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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Charles William Grant, de
, of the City MontrealMontreal
in the District ofDistrict of Montreal MontrealDistrict of Montreal, of lawful
age, being produceed sworn and
examined on the part of the said
Defendant deposeth and saith,
Iwas in QuebecQuebec in 1782 I am not related
to the on
in the
Court of this suit

J. S.M. C
Ct. J.
I have a
perfect recollection of the existence of
slavery in CanadaCanada as late as the year
1794 we had three slaves in our family,
Fanny, a Black woman, WilliamWilliam , a Black
& a panis; there is no doubt in
my that these individuals
were there in the conditions
of slavey and that such a condition
was at that time considered
as perfectly legal and valid -
in 1794 I left CanadaCanada for
and when I returned in 1801 the
slaves of whom I have spoken
were no longer with the family,
but howtheyweredisposed of
I cannot say at the time of
which I am speaking in 1794
our neighbor
who is now dead, had a slave, and
the late Chief with also
possessed two slaves to my
knowledge, and several otherfriends,
had slaves also.

de Long
cross - examined by griffin
Counsel for plaintiff.