Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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read the Deponent persiststherein
declaring it the the truth and
hath the Law.

PatrickPatrick O'KeeffeO'Keeffe
Mr. GriffinGriffin for plff declares he hath no cross- questions to put

I JohnJohn McCord SamuelSamuel McCordJohn McCord Esquire one of
the Circuit Judges of for the DistrictDistrict of Montreal
ofDistrict of Montreal MontrealDistrict of Montreal in the Provinces of CanadaCanada do
hereby certify that DespardPatrickPatrick O'KeeffeO'Keeffe
the whose of residence
is MontrealMontrealwas by by law sworn to testify
the whole truth of his knowledge touching
the in controversy in the cause
aforesaid that Deponent was examined
and his examination reduced to writing
and subscribed by said Deponent in
my presence an the fourteenth day of april eighteen hundred and forty six
between the hours of eight oclock in the forenoon
and six o clock in the afternoon at the
office of in the CityCity of Montreal
ofCity of Montreal MontrealCity of Montreal in the said Province

given and certified the fourteen day of april 1846.

JSMCord Ct.J.