Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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Defendant'sExhibit (A) referred to
in the examination of PatrickPatrick O'Keeffe.

Geo 3rd Cap 27th

An Act for encouraging new settlers in
His MajestysColonies and plantations in

Whereas it is expedient that encouragnment
should be given to persons that are desposed to
Come and settle in Certain of His Majesty'sColonies
and Plantations in AmericaAmerica and the West, Indies
be it, therefore enacted by the Kings most excellent
Majesty, by and with the advice and Consent, of the
LordsSpiritual and Temporal and Commons
in this present, Parliamentassembled and by
the authority of the same - that from and
after the first, day of August one thousand Seven hundred and ninety if any person or
persons being a subject or subjects of the TerritoriesTerritories
or counted belonging to the United StatesUnited States of A-
merica, shall come from thence, together with
his or their family or families, to any of the
Bahama,Burmuda, or Somers Island, or to
any part of the ProvinceProvince of Quebec ofProvince of Quebec QuebecProvince of Quebec or of
NovaNova Scotia ScotiaNova Scotia or of any of the TerritoriesTerritories be-
longing to His majesty in North AmericaAmerica
for the purpose of residing or settling there, it
shall be Lawful for any such person or persons,

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having first obtained a License for that
purpose from the Governor or in his absence
the LieutenantGovernor of the said Islands,
Colonies or Provinces respectively to import, into
the same, in British ships owned by his Majesty's
Subjects and Navigated according to law, any
negroes, Household Furniture,Utensils of Husbandry
& cloathing free of duty provided al
ways, That such Household FurnitureUtensils
of Husbandry and cloathing shall not in the
whole exceed the value of Fifty pounds for
every white person that shall belng to such
family; and the value of forty shillings for every
negro brought by such white person; and if
any dispute shall arise as to the value of such
Household Furniture Utensils of Husbandry
or Cloathing the same shall be heard and
determined by the Arbitration of three British
Merchants at the port, where the same
shall be imported, one of such British merchants
to be appointed by the governer, or in his absence
the LieutenantLieutenant governer of such Island or province
one by the Collector of the Customs at such Port
and one by the person so coming with his

II and be it further enacted, that all sales
or Bargains for the sale of any negro Household
furniture, Utensils of husbandry or cloathing so
imported, which shall be made within twelve
Calendar months after the importation of the
same (except in Cases of the Bankruptcy or
Death of the Owner thereof ) shall be null and
void to all intents & purposes whatsover