Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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parsuant to the adjournment of
yestarday, on the fifteenth day of April
at the office of R.
Esquire and between the hours of eight
o clock in the forenoon & six o clock in
the afternoon I continued taking the
Depositions in this cause in the presence
of the counsel of the parties as follows;

Wiliam Elliot of Sandwich in that
part of the ProvinceProvince of Canada of CanadaProvince of Canada hertofore
upper CanadaCanadaBarrister at law now at the CityCity of Montreal
ofCity of Montreal MontrealCity of Montreal in
the said ProvinceProvince of Canada
of CanadaProvince of Canada.
CtJ of
lawful age being produced Sworn and
examined on the part of the said
Defendant deposeth and saith I neither
know nor am I related to the parties in
this cause nor and I interested in the
event of their suit - I came to CanadaCanada
in 1802 - and was admitted to the Bar
in upper CanadaCanada the year following
ever since in the practice of my profession. At the time I came
to CanadaCanada I forced salvery in existence
there, and it continued there to my
Knowledge until 1812 - I know of several
individual instances of slavery- my
cousin coloredElliotElliot , then residing
at &
affairs in upper CanadaCanada had
several slaves some of color were Blacks
& others mulattos & panis Thomas
McKee also of
of Indian affairs under ColonelElliot

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had 7 or 8 Slaves male & female
all of whom were on his farm at
- When I in 1804
Colonel Elliot made me a gift of and
of his slaves a panis woman who
died in my family in 1809 in the condition
of Slavery. Both Colonel Elliot & Mr.
McKee died many years ago -
I have no doubt that both Colonel
Elliot & McKee considered the blacks
mulattos & panis of which I have spoken
as their own personal property as being
legally in the condition of Slavery - indeed
I recollect receving Col: elliot in 1802
or 1803, a
power of attorney to recover a runaway
slave or to sell him, he having escaped
from his master at & gone
into - I did accordingly
recover him & sold him. Slavery at
the time I am speaking of & was considered
perfrectly legal in CanadaCanadaand I am
not aware that the right of holding
slaves was everquestioned in any
of the Courts of law in Upper CanadaCanada
on the contrary the existence of
slavery was formally recognised by
the legislature of the then Province
of Upper CanadaCanada, by which an act
waspassed in 1793 providing for
the gradual abolition of slavery in
that Province. This act is the 33rd Geo
the state of things for
which this act legislatedmust have
been to both the Provinces