Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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of Upper & Lower CanadaCanada, which
orginally constituted the ProvinceProvince of Quebec
ofProvince of Quebec QuebecProvince of Quebec. The Imperial Act of the
30th GeoIIIchap 27passed for the
purpose of immigrants
form the adjoining Colonies or the West
Indies to import negros duty free
under certain circumstances is
to my as to the
recognition by
of the existence of
slavery in the province of QuebecQuebec
at that period and so long as
that act in

Crossexamined by Mr.GriffinGriffin of
Counsel of the plaintiff.

I have no knowledge as I have I stated before
of the legality of Slavery in CanadaCanada being
tested in a court of law but I should
think the acts of which I have
spoken would leave no doubt on
the subject.

The foregoing Deposition bring read
to Deponent he persists therein declaring
the same to contain the truth and
hath signed.