Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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MariamTison of Lawful age, being produced Sworn
and examined on the part of the defendants, respectively, in each of they above Cases deposeth & saith
that she was born & brought up in the City ofCity of Montreal MontrealCity of Montreal in CanadaCanada and is
now 78 years of age. Affiant was 27 years of age when she
came to St LouisSt Louis Mo. and had three three children Camedirect from
MontrealMontreal to St LouisSt Louis and has been living in St LouisSt Louis and
its vicinity ever Since. Knew a Coloured woman Called RoseRose
in MontrealMontreal her after wards in St LouisSt Louis in the Service

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of August ChouteauAugust Chouteau - first saw her in the Service of Mr.
DidierDidier and afterwards in the Service of Mr.August ChouteauAugust Chouteau
Mr.DidierDidier was a silver smith Mr.DidierDidier had a Brother
a Priest in St LouisSt Louis, and who lived at the [ Presbitary ]
DidierDidier the Priest was in St LouisSt Louis at the time affiant saw
RoseRose at the Silver Smiths - did not know RoseRose long in CanadaCanada
She was sold in the Winter & affiant moved away in
the following Spring affiant moved from CanadaCanada either
in the month of May or June - affiant left before Rose
Rose was at her masters when affiant left, the name of
Rose's Master, was Joseph Berlinguette he was a Baller
and SinnerRoseRose Served him, as a Slave would serve her
master affiant saw RoseRose working & serving her master
and mistress BerlinguetteBerlinguette bought RoseRose as a slave & kept
her as such affiant states that Berlinguette's family spoke
of RoseRose as a slave affiant knew other colouredpersonsslaves slaves at MontrealMontreal
held by Colonel Clause & ColonelCampbell knew them
to be slaves from seeing them doing household work for
their Master as aforesaid, and by thier masters supporting
them & taking Care of them and that they did not get
their livilihood elsewhere affiant was an appren
tice at MontrealMontreal to the tailoring business, and her master had
done work for Clause & Campbell's Slaves, on account of their
masters as aforesaid - for four years - the master of
RoseRose , at MontrealMontreal was affiants uncle affiant has no
knowledge of the deed that was pass'd for RoseRose , but she
knows of the fact of an exchange having been made for
her, which was, that her owner owner exchanged her for a
a Horse for her, on the public market place in MontrealMontreal
RoseRose was not born in MontrealMontreal and affiant is not able
to say, where she Came from - affiants youngest Child