Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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Affiant states that whatever RoseRose was ordered to do, as
Belinguette's, she did do, becaue she was obliged
did not see the actual exchange of RoseRose , but saw her
Owner go off w2ith the Horse, and Come back with RoseRose ,
affiant was married in 1785 - and in 1786, or 1787 the Colonels aforesaid
Came to MontrealMontreal with the slaves aforesaid, that was the
first time affiant heard of Slaves being in CanadaCanada
the Colonels aforesaid were in MontrealMontrealwhen affiant left,
they must have Come to MontrealMontreal about 1780. The Colonels
treated their slaves, as slaves usually are treated, they were
well maintained & taken Care of, and better treated than
they are in MissouriMissouri Clause's slaves were
Clad in blue and yellow living, and Campbell's in
Blue & red. They were not dressed richly, but Neatly,
the Colonels these Coloured people did not appear like
horid persons, the Colonels had servants enough of
their own, Without hiring any - the treatment of these
slaves by Clause & CampbellCampbell , were much the same as
other persons treat hired Servants. - there were times
when these slaves were not worked hard, but when the
Spring cameround, they worked hard, and had to attend
to their Gardens, never knew of their living -

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When affiant speaks of S LouisS Louis, she means persons of
Colour - black Sskins - affiant always heard of them spoken
of as slaves - but never heard of the right or authority
spoken of to dispose of them - never knew of any
other slaves of montreal, but these she has spoken of -

the Name of the youngest Child affiant brought with
her from CanadaCanada, is FrancoisFrancois , who is now living at
FlorisantFlorisant, does not know his age, he was Christened
in CanadaCanada, immediately after his birth, by Mr.
, a Priest, be belonging to the Cathedral Church
Churchat MontrealMontreal - affiants Husbands Name
was John Baptist Tison, and affiants Mariam
Normandeau - affiant was about 18 months in St.
when she had another Child born named , which
was baptized in the Church of St. LouisSt Louis, and has
since died. and further deponent saith

Sworn to
before me the 2nd day of May 1846.

Justice of the Peace

MarianneMarianne her x
mark Tisson