Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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Depositions of witnesses, produced, sworn, and examined, at
The Law Commissioner Office in the City and County ofCounty of St Louis
St.LouisCounty of St Louis, State of MissouriMissouri, before me, John H. Watson, Law Commissioner for
the said County, in a certain cause now pending in the Saint Louis CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court , in and for the County of Saint LouisCounty of Saint Louis, in the
State of MissouriMissouri, between PierrePierre , (a man of color)
plaintiff and
Gabriel ChouteauGabriel S Chouteau ,
defendant, on the part of the Plaintiff
Michel Marti, of St Louis County, MissouriMissouri of Lawful age, being duly sworn and
examined on the part of the Plaintiff, deposeth and saith:

I have known the Plaintiff in this case, thirty or forty
years. I know the woman who was called Plaintiffs
mother,- her name was RoseRose . I first knew her
at MackinawMackinaw , about fifty-three years ago. I remained
at MackinawMackinaw but fifteen days after I knew
her. She was claimed at that time as I understood
by a W. Todd. Mackinaw, is in the State of
Michigan. About a year afterwards I again
saw her at PrairePrairieduChienChien , where she remained
probably a year and a half or more. Two or
three months after I saw her at PrairePrairieduChienChien ,
I returned there, and found her there still
Thirty Seven or eight years after I saw her
at PrairePrairieduChienChien , I saw her in SaintSt Louis
LouisSt Louis, in this State. She was then living with
Father DidierDidier , as a domestic. I belived her
to be while at PrairePrairie du ChienChien , a free woman
an she noted as such. W. Todd was at
PrairePrairie du ChienChien , while RoseRose was there and ToddTodd
knew her to be there. ToddTodd did not at PrairiePrairie
du ChienChien , claim her as his slave. I was a
CanadianCanadian by birth. I never saw any slaves
in CanadaCanada. not read May '56 .ChouteauChouteau the defendant told
me if I would help him in this case he would
help me. PrairiePrairie du ChienChien , is on the MissouriMissouri

Michel MartiMichael Marli

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