Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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PierrePierre (of color)
Gabriel S ChouteauGabriel S Chouteau

Suit for freedom
April Term 1847

Testimony of Pltff

PascalPascal Cerre CerréPascal Cerre says- I knew the colord
woman RoseRose the mother of PierrePierre While
living; and I also know PierrePierre -

I knew her in MackinawMackinaw in the year 1794 or
1795- I cant now recollect
with certainly which years it was; but I
think it was in 1794- I cant say whether
MackinawMackinaw was then under the English Govenment
or not- I first saw RoseRose in
MackinawMackinaw in the possession of Mr.. Ettienne
Campion and in his kitchen. I dont know
how long she remained at MackinawMackinaw

I found her then when I arrived there and
I left her then when I came away I think-
I dont know certainly whether she or I
left first- I never saw her at any other
place in the N WTerritory- I was born in
MontrealMontreal but left then when I was four
years old. I was there again in 1781 and
again in 1791. I was very well acquainted
in MontrealMontreal and also in QuebecQuebec. I do not
know that slavery existed in CanadaCanada, nor did
I ever know any slaves then except the ones,
that my father took there. My father traded
from St LouisSt Louis to MontrealMontreal and on one occasion
he took two slaves with him to MontrealMontreal-
Sometimes he took slaves to the and

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then left them [ untill ] he returned, because
he was afraid to take them into CanadaCanada
with him. There were not many negroes
in CanadaCanada, and the two that my father
took them were a great curiosity to the
British Officers and others- The negros which
we took there were very large and firm look
-ing men. I do not know whether there was
or not any slavery then- I never knew
any slaves then except the one's above
mentioned which we took there. I remained
at MackinawMackinaw at the time that I was there
about a month, and I believe that
RoseRose was there during that time. At that
time Maj an American officer was in at
MackinawMackinaw and had American soldiers with him.

Cross examined

The last time I visited MontrealMontreal was in
1791. and the last time I visited MackinawMackinaw
was in 1798. I was then in that year and
found the Americans in possession of that
place. MrCampion was a trader.
When my sister returned from St LouisSt Louis
to CanadaCanada in 1791 she took with her
a slave. She took her as a slave, and
to do the duties of a slave, such work
as slaves generally do. I returned to
CanadaCanada in 1791 and came back to St. LouisSt Louis
in 1794. I know nothing of the slave
my sister took with her after she got
them. she did not live in MontrealMontreal but