Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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some distance this side of that place
the slaves which my father took with
him to CanadaCanada in 1791 remained with
him there for several months. The time
that my father took his two slaves
with him to CanadaCanada was in 1791 and
they remained in MontrealMontreal for a month
or more and went whereever they pleased-
They were on the paradeground frequently
sometimes every day. I dont know when
RoseRose came from MontrealMontreal. RoseRose never
told me where she came from, nor have
I ever [ herd ] from any one. After I saw
RoseRose at MackinawMackinaw , I next saw her at
in St LouisSt Louis, I cant say when that was.
She was then the slave of Mr.. DidierDidier a priest.
and was afterwards sold to Mr.ChouteauChouteau .
I dont recollect of seeing but two other
negroes at MackinawMackinaw , and they had been
captured and taken them by the Indians.

PeterPeter Payant says I knew a color
woman some years ago named RoseRose as
she was at that time living with Mr.
ChouteauChouteau of St LouisSt Louis. I never knew her
in any other place- I was bound in
CanadaCanada in 1770 and in 1784 when I was
in my 14th year I left them. I was very
well acquanited in MontrealMontreal and never
saw a blck person [ untill ] I came to this
County. The first negros I can saw were
the negros of old Mr. Cerré about the time

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I started to come to this Country and I
was very much frightened at their appearance.
There was no slavery in CanadaCanada. When
I came from CanadaCanada to this Country I
came by the way of MackinawMackinaw , and from
thence to PrairePrairie du ChienChien . At that time there
were very few houses in PrairePrairie du ChienChien , there
was no fort or soldiers there. I never
was there afterwards- # # Cross examined I came to this Country
in the Boat of old Mr.Cerré. The old gentle
-man was not along. Mr.Gabriel Cerré
came afterwards- I lived about 3 leagues
south of MontrealMontreal on this side of the
St Lawrence river- I never was in Quegec
and never was even in the lower end of
MontrealMontreal- When I went then, I generally
went to market- I learnt my trade there,
that of a blacksmith- I commanded my
trade when I was 7 years old and stayed
there [ untill ] I was 14 years old when I
left for this Country- I was never much
acquainted with RoseRose - I saw her several
times at Mr..ChouteauChouteau ,s

- says- I dont
know RoseRose - I was born at QuebecQuebec or
within a few miles of that- place- I am
75 years of age and I left CanadaCanada 54
years ago- I was about 23 years old when
I left for this Country, and had always
lived there [ untill ] I left for this Country