Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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and MackinawMackinaw and this was the only
place where white people were to be found
between the two places - I never traveld
much in CanadaCanada - I rode 6 or 7 leagues
may be in a sleigh from QuebecQuebec before
I left that country - I went to School
a little and learned to write a little

Examination in Chief resumed
when we wintered up the Missriver we
wintered on the right hand side going
up on the river the people
who lived at PrairePrairieduChienChien at the time
I was there were all Canadians

MichelMichael says - I knew the
negro woman RoseRose - I know at Mr.
[ Choteaus ] in his yard - I never knew
her [ untill ] I saw in St LouisSt Louis - I was
born in QuebecQuebec and am 69 years of age
and lived there 17 years - I lived about
15 leagues from QuebecQuebec - I never lived in
QuebecQuebec but have been there often and have
traveled through the County often - Slavery
never existed there - I never knew any
thing about slaves in that Country - If
slavery had existed then I would have
known it certainly & it would have been
known by my ancestors - I lived for
6 years about 3leagues from MontrealMontreal
and then was no slavery at MontrealMontreal

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and I have never known any in CanadaCanada and I
have travled all over that County - I was often
at MontrealMontreal - I may be that I saw negros
these but there wereno slaves there - I left
MontrealMontreal and came to this Country - I have
never seen PrairePrairieduChienChien - I came to
St LouisSt Louis 47 years ago


I cant read nor write - I am unable to
state the particular places through which I
have traveled in CanadaCanada - I was a sailor
and went up and down the river - I did not
know all the persons in CanadaCanada nor but a
very small portion of them - when I say that
there was no slavery in CanadaCanada, I mean that
I never knew any - I never traveled much
by land in that Country & was never on
the lakes

JacquesBoneau says I do not know
RoseRose - I know since I have been
here - I was born in CanadaCanada - I cant
say in what year I was born - I am
65 years old - I was going on 21 years
of age when I left CanadaCanada - I lived
at or near assumption until I left CanadaCanada
I was at MontrealMontreal but once MontrealMontreal
is 10 leagues from assumption so I have
heard - I never saw any negros there