Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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therewere no slaves there - I never
knew any slavery then I suppose that
if slavery existed then I should have
known it - I worked for the farmers
in CanadaCanada - I came through MackinawMackinaw
when I came to this Country - I did
not remain in MackinawMackinaw long - I
arrived on Saturday night & left on
Monday morning - I did not come
by PrairePrairieduCheinChein I never was

Cross examined

I cant read nor write - I was not
to a trade in CanadaCanada, I worked
on a farm - I was not generally
acquainted with the people in MontrealMontreal
I think I was going on 21 years of
age when I came to this country
I think it was in 1802, it was the
year when the Americans took possession
of the Country - I was 3 months coming
from CanadaCanada to this Country & I
arrived home at the end of august

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MichelMichael Marli MarliMichael Marli

I knew RoseRose - I have
known her in Mr.[ Chouteaus ] yard
I first knew RoseRose in MackinawMackinaw
I cant tell what year, I did not notice
the year - I used to voyage to MackinawMackinaw
It was 51 or 52 years ago - she was
cook for the head men - I knew no
master for she waited for the bosses
& cooked for them - I knew Mr.ToddTodd
there & at New OrleansOrleans& also one of his
- I dont know MrToddTodd given
name - I dont know how long she had been
there - I went to MackinawMackinaw for Mr.
&stayedsome 10 or 12 days & left
for PrairePrairieduChienChien in Mr. employment & came
back to St LouisSt Louis & then went to Louis
& from then to [ Kaskaska ]&these
went to PrairePrairieduChienChien whenI
found RoseRose - I do not know when
she left CanadaCanada I was too young
I dont know when Mr.ToddTodd left
CanadaCanadaHe did a good deal of
business& was a rich man

I was at MackinawMackinaw before I saw
RoseRose When I first went to Macki
naw I did not seeMr.ToddTodd there
nor did I seeRoseRose &I came to StSt Louis LouisSt Louis
&returned to MackinawMackinaw for me
& then I saw RoseRose . I left RoseRose at
MackinawMackinaw came down here then went