Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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to LouisvilleLouisville & then went back to
PrairePrairieduChienChien & then saw RoseRose -
It might have been a month & a half
or two months from the time I left
her before I found her at PrairePrairie
duChienChien - Mr.ToddTodd was at PrairePrairie
duChienChien & was preparing to send
his goods up the river

I did not hear her spoken of as a slave-
she did nothing else but cook for the
Bosses & for 15 or 20 men. she acted
as a servant I cant say whether they
paid her or not. In those days the
engage were all servants, they were
white like ourselves I an not able
to state how long RoseRose remaind at
PrairePrairie du ChienChien I have been there
some 20 times- I saw her there twice
the last time I saw her there
I went up as far as the river
& engaged myself to & went
to PrairePrairieduChienChien & there I found
between the two times that I sawher
at PrairePrairieduChienChien there was perhaps
a month - Inever saw her there after
this time. She was not there when I first
went to PrairePrairieduChienChien . WhenI first went to PrairePrairie du ChienChien I stayed 7 or 8
days the last time about 3 days I came
from MackinawMackinaw to PrairePrairieduChienChien stayed
10 or 15 days & then went to LouisvilleLouisville for
Mr.Dent I was born in CanadaCanada
I think I am 76 or 77 years of age

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I was 10 years old when I left CanadaCanada
I was born in the suburbs of St. Lawrence
itadjoins MontrealMontreal - I saw 2 negros
in MontrealMontrealWe were at work in the
field and saw those 2 negros coming
& thought it was the devil & away
we went - I cant tell what years I
came to PrairePrairieduChienChien
my father had me brought
to MackinawMackinaw by MrCampion & I
came to PrairePrairieduChienChien by
eye&was then 10 years of age
I remained heer a year and my
father sent me back to CanadaCanada
because I was too lonesome.
I stayed about one year in CanadaCanada
& was thinking about my father &
thought if i loose him I may not
be able to get another &
came back


The English were in MackinawMackinaw
when I first saw it
I was 10 years old & when I went
back they were still in possession
In the fall I made to
& returned in the spring & they
went to MackinawMackinaw I was then 17
or 18 years of age RoseRose was not there
then - I saw her afterwards a year
where I went for I was then 15