Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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years of age - when I was with Mr.ChouteauChouteau
there I believe I saw RoseRose then
the english were there then - I remember
them well they put mein jail two or
there times the troops they made
me guard and at that time an Indian
attempted to Come ashore & we prevented him
and beat him with our guns

Mr.Campion was not an officer he was
one of the bosses or head trader
I dont know where MrToddTodd was from
but I suppose from england he was
a good man & is dead. died at
PrairePrairieduChienChien was a small
but a pretty place - There were a [ devlish ]
right too many Indaians there, we
either had to kill them or they would
kill us - There were places below,
trading posts
river There were no troops at
PrairePrairieduChienChien inthose days but
long afterwards there were some
there the english troops that come up
to PrairePrairie du ChienChien Before the troops
came there the people at PrairePrairiedu ChienChien
were CanadianCanadian English &indians, too
many of them there was no fortification
at PrairePrairie dn ChienChien in those early days
we made friends with the Indians
gave them a good many things &
traded with them wemet them going
up the river&gaveflour[ tobaco ]& c
& made friends with them

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I knew RoseRose I dont know whether
she was held in slavery or not -
she was held in slavery or not
she was in Mr.Choteaus yard
she was then as the other negros
I dont knowwhether she was a
slave or not

I knew there in the yard like
the others - The negros were all there
as Mr.[ Choteaus ] negros - I dont
know whether they they were slaves or

The above & foregoing is a full & substan
tial report of the testimoney of witness produced
in open courtin this cause on the part of