Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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PierrePierre [of color]
Gabriel S ChouteauGabriel S Chouteau

Suit for freedom
April Term 1847

Defts Testimony

Antonie SmithAntonie Smith says-

I was born at St.Francois in CanadaCanada
about 60 miles from MontrealMontreal-
I am 76 going on 77 years of age -
I came to St LouisSt Louis 57 years ago last
August. I was partly raised at
MontrealMontreal- I left St Francois where I
was 3 years old & went to MontrealMontreal
& remained there 17 years- When I was
there I knew some slaves there for
about 10 years- I know slaves
in two families, in two houses.
ColCol Closs ClossCol Closs had four & Magr Camp
bell had there. These are all that
I knew- I Know

I knew Mr. St. George, he had one
slave a I lived about 100
yards from ColCol Closs ClossCol Closs - I saw these slaves
every day- I went to Mr. C after
enough & when I left CanadaCanada they
were still at Col Closs. They were
men, 4 men, one of them was his
Coachman & the others waited about
the house- I came to this Country
by the big river in a backcanoe &
I was 20 years of age when I left
CanadaCanada- I came by MackinawMackinaw &
remained there one month

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the English were there at that time
& had a very fine fort and soldiers
I dont know who was in command-
I did not stop at PrairePrairieduChienChien . I

without [ stoping ]- I knew- RoseRose in
St LouisSt Louis at Mr. Chouteau's -

She was held in slavery by Mr.ChouteauChouteau
who bought her of Mr.Didier

Cross examined

Col Closs was a Col in the English
army and was in command at
MontrealMontreal in garrison. I do not
know when he came from to MontrealMontreal-
There were no negros in St. Francois
I never saw any out of MontrealMontreal-
I dont know wether they were slaves
for life or only for a time-
I have knowledge of slavery by havi
ng heard it spoken of in CanadaCanada.
I have heard it several times that
Indians were sometimes slaves in
CanadaCanada. I dont know any thing
about slavery except what I heard
ColCol Campbell CampbellCol Campbell was a Maj over
the Indians, he was married to

He lived in the City-
The slaves of ColCol Closs ClossCol Closs & CampbellCampbell
were living on sundays but not
on week days- Their cloths were
with red & yellow