Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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Col Closs & CampbellCampbell were
English gentleman. Them negros
were well treated and like other white

Madame Tisson says

I was born in the City ofCity of Montreal
MontrealCity of Montreal & I am now 78 years, of
age- I was born there & when I left,
I left with my husband & three
childrem. It is very easy to tell take
46 from 78. I had three children
when I left, two of them aredead
the other is living, his name is
FrancoisFrancois . The elder one? dead
He was born in the month of
Feb. & I started in the month of
May- That child was an infant
when I arrived in St. LouisSt Louis. He
was born - Feb & I started in May-
I think he must be 47 or 48 years of
age he has his certificte of baptism
(a paper is produced) This is a paper
That I cut it off from a sheet of Baptis
mal records & gave it the FrancoisFrancois as
his, I cut it off long time ago to
give it to FrancoisFrancois & wrapped it up
& gave it to him about 3 years ago
The [ entrys ] in the book are all made
in the same manner as a matter

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of satisfaction. It was cut off
from a blank leaf from a copy
book. he wrote it down when they
come into the world- I knew RoseRose
at MontrealMontreal. I knew her at St LouisSt Louis
when she was at Mr.August ChouteauAugust Chouteau
She had been there 4 days when I left
MontrealMontreal, with that one who had
got her in exchange JosephJoseph Berling
uette I never knew her [ untill ] she came
to our house. She stayed at her
Masters who had got her . I was
at BerlinguetteBerlinguette house when she arrived
at her masters house. I was there on
a visit the wife of Jos. Berlguette
was my aunt. When I testified
before I said 45 but when I went
house I found it was 57. I was
mistaken, It was 57 years ago
that I knew the negres. The exchange
I mean is this, that he had swapped
a house for her on the public place-
RoseRose at that time was a woman of
perhaps from 18 to 20 years of age.
I dont know when RoseRose came
from to MontrealMontreal. I never interes
ted myself about the matter, but
these were members of slaves brought
there & were exchanged off on the
public square. there were two
American families who had slaves