Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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Q At whose house did you put up while
at [ Priari ] Du ChienChien

Ans I put up at no house.

Q Do you of your ownknowledge know
where the Black Woman was from
of whom you speak in the first part
of your Testimony

Ans I do not I never saw her before
or since at [ Priari ] Du Chien

Q Do you know what her
when you first saw her

Ans I do not

Q Do you know [ Pire ] the Plaintiff in this suit

A I know him in1815 or 1817. he was then a
boy, I know him at St LouisSt Louis,
at which time I dont think he was
over five years of age- I heard the boy
RoseRose his mother but whether she was his own
or his nurse mother I cannot
I cannot tell that the woman
Mr ChouteauChouteau was the same woman I saw
at [ Priari ] Du ChienChien at the Conversations alluded
to in the examination in cheif Mr. ChouteauChouteau
told that the woman was [ brot ] to this
country by one Benoist but her Deponent
said she was [ brot ] from CanadaCanada by ToddTodd
as he was informed - and this is in correction
of the last period of my testimony in chief
Farther this Deponent Saith not

Signed John