Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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I knew them juit so. I know there [ untill ]
I quit there. there were two American
families that had come there with
slaves & I did not know any more
I worked at the tailor. It was at
our house that they got the work done
for the slaves during the whole year. It
was for several years I stayed there
5 years & we always worked for
them. the
first time- I saw her here it was at Mr..
Chouteaus- I had been a long time
in this County when RoseRose Came here.
(Ques. by deft counsel) was BerlinguetteBerlinguette the owner
of RoseRose when you left MontrealMontreal?
(objected to by pltffs counsel)
Ans- he was- When I left 57 years
ago it was in the Spring- I was
not at BerlinguetteBerlinguette at any time after
RoseRose came there to live- I lived
in the city and my Aunt lived in
the suburb. I had not time to
visit her before I left. RoseRose
came to our house in St LouisSt Louis I did
not even ask her with whom
she lived- I remembered RoseRose as
hearing seen her in MontrealMontreal- I did
not speak to her about being in
MontrealMontreal- I never spoke to her
about it. she came to see me
became she had seen me at my
aunts. We never talked about

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how RoseRose got out here. I had
a son by the name of Antonie the frist

Cross examined one born
in this Country I cant tell exactly
how long it was after I came to this
Country, it may be about 18 months
or 2 years between him & FrancoisFrancois
he is dead-

Cross examined.

My gave a brown horse a
pacing horse for RoseRose , a very
handsomhorse he was a man
that was fond of horses, he was a
trader in horses a kind of of horse
jocky it was a handsomCanadianCanadian
poney it was not a stallion-
RoseRose had the appearance of making
a stout woman- She was not
disagreeable for a slave of her
color, She was not black, black but
she was a kind of yellowish
Mr.BerlinguetteBerlinguette came back to the house
with RoseRose after her had made the
exchange, I did not hear him say
any thing agout a good bargain. I
did not stay- Mr[ Berlingluette ]
said he made the exchange on
the public square I dont know
any thing about the exchange except
what he told my Aunt where he
came back