Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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I did not stay at my Aunts long
I did not stay a day, it may be
it was about three hours - I had none
of my children with me - I had
left them all at home - I had not
seen Mr.BerlinguetteBerlinguette that day before
he came back with RoseRose - I stayed
there about an hour after he came
home with RoseRose and then I went home
RoseRose did not in the house long -
she asked to go down into the kitchen
and went. I saw her not more than
five minutes - There were but two
American familes then at that time
who had slaves I had know no
others - Their names were ColCol Campbell CampbellCol Campbell
and ColCol Closs ClossCol Closs - They came to MontrealMontreal
in 1784 when the English took possession
of that place - They were both officers
and had uniform cloths - Their
servant wore uniform cloths also
to distinguish the families. The cloths
of one family were faced with red and
the other with yellow - Their cloths were
made at our shop for 5 years and
[ untill ] I left for this county - he made
their cloths in the fall and spring
I dont know exactly the time when this
was we commenced making thier cloths
when they first came there and continued
for 5 years - Then slaves were all
black - I did not know any Indian
slaves in CanadaCanada, never saw any

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I have heard speak of them but never
saw any - I knew them as slaves only
from themselves and by their masters
calling them so - I had known white
servants male and female they were
hired - They were hired persons, who
were able to hire, had servants, and
those who were not did not have
any - I know they were hired by their
masters telling me so I called them
servants or domestics - I never saw
any other slaves except these at
ColCol Campbell Closs&ColCampbellCol Campbell I never
saw any other slaves in CanadaCanada,
nor any other black people there
I never saw any slaves sold at the
public square and never heared of
any except this one RoseRose - I had
no formalacquaintance with either
ColCol Closs ClossCol Closs or ColCol Campbell CampbellCol Campbell kept
his rank and we kept oursInever
spoke to either of them - I knew RoseRose
the first time I saw her in St LouisSt Louis-
she enquired for ,supplied>me and when she
came in I knew her - I cant tell how
many years since I had seen her at
MontrealMontreal It was more than ten years
I did not that she was in St LouisSt Louis - I
had heared some body say that RoseRose
had been along the IllinoisIllinois river
but did not know where