Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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some person told me so - I never had
much communication with slaves, nor
with negros. I have stated before
that it must 56 or 57 years since
I left MontrealMontreal - I am 67 years
of age. I may have been about
25 years of age when I came to this
country. I had three children when
I came. My youngest was FrançoisFrançois ,
he was at the breast, I was well
acquainted in MontrealMontreal. I served for
every body. I did not go out
much I had too much work, and
prefered staying at home.

Examination in [ Cheif ] resumed
I never saw the horse that was exch
for RoseRose . When the horse was
missing from the yard, I asked where
he was, and he told me that he had
exchanged him for RoseRose . I saw the
horse some three week, before when
i was there.

PascalPascal Cerre CerréPascal Cerre - says
MadamTrifon came here in the fall
of 1789 as will as I recollect.

Pltffpursues certificate of

Articles of Capitulation read in evidance

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PascalPascal Cerre CerréPascal Cerre

Clopexamine by

I went to CanadaCanada in 1791
in company with Mm.ChoteauChoteau - This
year My father went then with his
negros. I never knew him to take
any negros other then at any other time
no at any true to sell. The negros
went as hands on the boats & came
back with them. I recollect their
names. I knew ColCol Campbell . Clop& Col.
CampbellCol Campbell ,Ioncelived very close
to them. I was only 8 years old when
IknewClop&Iwas 19 or 20 when
IknewCampbellCampbell .Idon'tknow
whethereither of them had any negros,
IbelieveClop had a negro, but
dont know whether he was a slave or not.


I knew Clop in the year 1791 & I
was 8 years old & lived close to

FrançoisFrançois TriforSays

My name is [ Francois ]Trifon. The lady
who testified here yesterrday is my
Mother. I have lived of Florisent
&havesince the Americans took
possession of the County andam
57 years old am some slay