Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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Before the commandant of the western part of the Illi-
nois and in default of a notary was present Mr.AndreTodd
Merchant of Contreal in CanadaCanada who by these presents has
sold and transferred now and for ever and promises to
from all troubles, gifts fointure debts, mortgages
evictions substitutions and other incumberances generally
whatsover to Mr.Dn Didier Curate of this parish &
City of St LouisCity of St Louis purchaser here present and accepting
for himself and his heirs assigns a negress named RoseRose
slave aged about twenty seven years which belongs to him
as having acquired her legitimately from the estate of the
late John Stork with which he is besides charged. That
the said Mr. DnDidierDidier purchaser his heirs and assigns may
enjoy do with and dispose of the said negress as
of a thing to him belonging to commence the
enjoyment from this day. This sale thus made
for the price and value of eleven hundred
and eighty seven poinds and a half of deer skins
shaved & receipted, payable on the first day
of May of the next year of one thousand
seven hundred and ninety six. For
the whole delay and under penalty of all
expenses, damages and interest to which
payment, damages and interst the
said negress just sold remains by spe
cial privilege bound and mortgaged and
besides the said purchaser thereto binds
his person and his property present and
to come, transfering by the said Mr
AundréToddTodd to the said purchaser all rights
of property and others which he has and
can have upon the said negress Just
sold of which he has dispossised and
desseized himself to his profit and of

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his heirs and assigns. For thus it was
agreed between the parties who have signed
with messrsAntoineAntoine Soulard SoulardAntoine Soulard
and Manl GouzalMoro with us Com
mandant of St LouisSt Louis of the IllinoisIllinois the twenty eighth day of the month of October of the year one thousand seven hundred and ninty five.FrsDidierDidier curate
of St LouisSt Louis and AndrewAndrew ToddTodd AnteSoulard