Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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St. Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court

Gabriel S. ChouteauGabriel S Chouteau

Be it remembered
that on the trial of this suit the plaintiff
introduced Pascal S. Cerré as a witness who
certified that in the year one thousand seven
hundred and ninety four he saw at michil
imackinac this mother of the plaintiff; that
she was their acting as a servant in the
Kitchen of one Etienne Campiou: the
next time that he saw her she was at
St. LouisSt Louis & belonged to Auguste ChouteauAugust Chouteau , who
as he had got her from one DidierDidier a
priest: that mackinaw, at the time afore-
said, when he saw her there, he had un-
til lately, thought was then in the posses-
sion of the Americans: That plaintiff was
at St. LouisSt Louis: that he did not know
who brought her to MackinawMackinaw , but she
told the witness that she had come from
MontrealMontreal. & stated where her was lived
in that city: that in the year seventeen
hundred eighty one he witness saw at
MackinawMackinaw , a black woman that had here ta-
ken from St. LouisSt Louis & sold to : he also
saw at MontrealMontreal another that had here
taken by the Indians from St. LouisSt Louis & sold
by the Indians, but that he does not know
whether they were slaves or not: that
he never saw any preson sold as a
slave there: that he witness was in
but came from there to St. LouisSt Louis

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when he was only four years old: & when nine
years old he want to QuebecQuebec to School in
1781 & returned from School there to St. LouisSt Louis
in 1787: he went to CanadaCanada in 1791
& since then, had never been there: that
plaintiff is held as a slave of the
of & the defendant is
administrator & has control over plaintiff.

MichaelMichael Marli MarliMichael Marli witness also for plaintiff testified
that he knew rose the mother of the plain-
tiff at MackinawMackinaw forty eight or forty
nine years ago, more or less, which place
was then in the hands of the British; about
a year or eighteen months after that he saw
her again at PrairiePrairie der ChienChien , at the house
of one Stock where she was a slave or
Servant, he is unable to say which: he after
saw her at St. LouisSt Louis & She then be
longed to DidierDidier the priest: that PrairiePrairie
Du ChienChien was in the possession of
the British at the time he saw RoseRose there
that a year or two after he saw her at
PrairiePrairie du ChienChien , there was a war between
the English & us, & they killed a good many
of our people: he one
commanded, & the man lasted three or four
months: that said Stock was an English-
man a man & had a horse of his
own & lived there & was a trader & many
of the principal people