Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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as a slave on the public square there in
MontrealMontreal: that she saw the man who bought
her start off, & when he came back he
said he had bought her for a horse:
that she did not see the sale made
that the said purchases took her to his
house, & stated that she was his slave
that she saw the same woman after
wards at Didier's in St. LouisSt Louis, that
ColCol Campbell . , CampbellCol Campbell had slaves
in montreal but whether those slaves were
ever sold, she did not know: that she
had seen those slaves, they were men &
women: their master stated that they
were slaves, & it was in
MontrealMontreal, their place of residence, that they
were slaves; they were not treated as
roughly as slaves are treated here, and
were employed as house servants: the
witness further stated that she was in
the year 1768 and that she came to
this country 57 years ago.

Antoine SmithAntonie Smith also a witness for defendant
testified that he is seventy three years of age
and was born in CanadaCanada, & come from
CanadaCanada fifty three years ago: but there
were slaves in MontrealMontreal negroes & mixed
of negro & Indian; that he never
asked their master whether they were slaves
that those slaves were held by
& by major CampbellCampbell &by a GeorgeGeorge

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with Stock: that he never saw Stock
except there & dont know his first name

The plaintiff by his counsel, there read in evidence
the translations of two conveyances taken from
that Spanish Archives at St. LouisSt Louis in the
word's & figures following (here insert the
translations of conveyance from ToddTodd to Did-
ier & from DidierDidier to Auguste ChouteauAugust Chouteau
A. No. 1. & B. No. 2.)

The plaintiff here his case, the depen-
dant then offered in evidence the following
deposition of PierrePierre Menard MenardPierre Menard having first
that said MenardMenard resides at kaskas-
kia in the State of IllinoisIllinois (here insert
the deposition) the plaintiff objected to the
reception of the same in evidence an the
ground of the incompetence of the testimony
which objection the Court sustained & eclu-
ded the same: to which opinion of the court
excluding said deposition the defendant by
his counsel excepted.

Madame TisonTison a witness for defendant certified
that in the year 1781 she was acquainted
with RoseRose the mother of plaintiff at
MontrealMontreal: that she was sold at MontrealMontreal