Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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that he witness lived opposite to Col.
in MontrealMontreal & saw said Slaves frequently
that he never saw any of them sold & dont
know whether they were slaves for life:

On motion of the plaintiffs, attorney the
court excluded from the evidence that
of the Jury all the testimony of the said An-
toine SmithSmith & Madame Tisson to
on the Same tended to prove the existence
of Slavery in CanadaCanada: to which decision
of the Court excluding the same the de-
fendant by his counsel excepted.

The defendant their read in evidence the
article of the treaty of Amity, Com-
merce & nevigation between his Britannic
majesty & the United StatesUnited States dated nineteenth of November in the year seventeen hundred & ninety four, which it is agreed may be read
in the Supreme CourtSupreme Court from any
as a part of this Record.

The defendant also read in evidence an ex-
tract from the speech of GeorgeGeorge WashingtonWashington
President of the United StatesUnited States to both houses
of CongressCongress another seventh day of December in the year seventeen hundred and ninety six, which extract is in the following words,
âThe during the late at which

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the appropriation was passed for carrying into
affect the traty of Amitycommerce & navi
gation between the United StatesUnited States & his Brit-
annic Majesty necessarily the
reception of the posts stipulated to be de-
livered beyond the date assigned for that event,
As soon however as the Governor General
of CanadaCanada could he addressed with proper-
ty on the subject arrangements were cor-
dially & promptly concluded for their evac-
uation and the United StatesUnited States took possession
of the principal of there comprehending
Oswegs, Niagara, Detroit, michilimack-
inac & Fort Miami where such repairs &
additions have been ordered to be made
as appeared indispensableâ.

No other testimony was given in the case, the
defendant then asked the court to instruct
the Jury as follows.

1 The facts that the mother of the plain-
tiff was born or held as a slave in Can-
ada, and was at Michilimackinac and
PrairiePrairie du ChienChien while those places con-
tinued in possession of the British Gov-
ernment, do not nor does either of them
entitle the plaintiff to his freedom.

2 If the Jury find from the evidence
that Slavery existed in CanadaCanada, that the
mother of the plaintiff was there held as
as Slave - the fact of her residence in